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PDI Easy Screen Cleaning Wipes

December 12, 2016

In an age of constant connectivity, doctors and nurses are rarely without personal electronic devices— inadvertently increasing the risk of exposure to harmful bacteria. Our fingertips are home to a plethora of bacteria, and touchscreen devices welcome these germs with open arms. This ease of transfer leaves our phones and tablets coated with thriving bacteria cultures, putting all of us at risk if not cleaned properly.

PDI's new Easy Screen Cleaning Wipes feature the cleaning power of 70% isopropyl alcohol (IPA) and are compatible with touch-screen healthcare equipment as well as phones and tablets. Which is big news considering 86% of clinicians and 76% of nurses use smartphones while at work.2

We now stock the PDI Easy Screen Cleaning Wipes!


Click here for more info and see ordering information below. Please contact your Account Representative or Customer Service Representative to place your order or place your order online today!

Reorder No Wipe Size Packaging Ti/Hi
5252-P03672 6” x 9” 70/can,
12 cans/cs

(1) “Mobile phones carry the personal microbiome of their owners.” James F. Meadow, Adam E. Altrichter, Jessica L. Green. Peer J, June 24, 2014. (2) “Mobile Trends Report.” Epocrates, 2014